Online conference as part of the Media Dialogue for Pluralism and Understanding project

3 November 2020


An online conference was held on October 19-23 in the framework of the project Media Dialogue 2020 - for Pluralism und Understanding, with the participation of Caucasus University.


The project is funded by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and organized by the Caucasus University partner organization OK-TV Ludwigshafen. Students of Caucasus School of Governance and Media participated in the project. Invited speakers and lecturers of Caucasus University, Mamuka Andghuladze and Giorgi Jologua, spoke about various issues related to media at the conference.


The project “Media Dialogue 2020 - for Pluralism und Understanding” aims to unite professional journalists, academics, artists and students as future actors in promoting the formation of a democratic and pluralistic society.