15 December 2020

On December 15, in the framework of the Erasmus + Institutional Development Project "A Global Network for Agricultural Sciences and Viniviticulture: Internationalizing through Joint Programs (Vita Global)", an online training and workshop on " University-Industry Cooperation - Discussion of Georgian Examples" was held.


Daria Khodadilina, a lecturer at Caucasus School of Tourism participated in the project's online workshop and spoke about the wine tourism sector in Georgia. In her speech, she stressed the important role of higher education institutions in the development of wine tourism.


The event focused on strategies to strengthen collaboration between universities and the industry. The workshop involved experts from the relevant field of the project partner higher education institutions, who spoke about their experience and common approaches to viticulture (wine culture).


The aim of the project is to create a global system of geographically diverse educational institutions, to develop the academic programs of each institution, which, in turn, will provide support to the local food and wine industry.


Telavi State University is a project partner from Georgia.