The Second Training in the Framework of Project RURD

5 March 2021



On March 4-5, 2021 in the framework of the ERASMUS + Institutional Development (CBHE) project "Role of Regional Universities in Regional Development" (RURD), a training was held with the participation of Caucasus University project members and Employees of Caucasus University Batumi Campus.


The meeting was conducted by Vitautas Magnus University, Lithuania and was focused on sharing theoretical approaches and practical experiences on the strategic development of regional universities. The trainers through specific examples discussed the issues such as: formulating the vision, mission and values of the regional universities; analyzing the existing challenges and advantages; outline strategic development plan.


The aim of the project RURD is to extend the role of regional higher educational institutions as a basis for regional development. Also to increase cooperation between universities and local government authorities to increase their capacity and enhance specification of each region. Furthermore, to develop mission, vision and strategic development plans for regional universities and to make Georgian regional HEIs more relevant to the communities and regions they are located.