Training in the framework of Jean Monnet project "PEU-C-E"

28 April 2021


On April 27-28, the EU-funded Jean Monnet project "Promoting European Union's Cyber Education (PEU-C-E)" hosted a training for interested parties at Caucasus University titled "Cyber Security - How to Protect Yourself and Your Data in the Cyberspace" led by Caucasus University lecturers: Maxim Iavich and Giorgi Iashvili. During the meeting, the trainers talked about the Internet as the main source of communication and information.


They focused on malware on the Internet, possible cyberbullying and ways to avoid it. Topics such as cyber fraud, the importance of using secure and complex passwords, and antivirus software were also discussed. PEU-C-E - " Promoting European Union's Cyber Education" is a Jean Monnet project in cooperation with Caucasus University and the University of Business and Technology. The project aims to uphold EU values and aims to share best European practices and experiences to raise awareness about safe internet, cyber-hygiene and cyber-ethics among vulnerable young people, students, teachers, parents, professors and decision-makers.