The project - "Empowering Women in Cyber Security through EU Experience" - by a CU professor was funded by the European Union

11 July 2023

The European Union funded the project "Empowering Women in Cyber ​​Security through EU Experience" led by the head of the Caucasus University Cyber Security Center, Professor Maksim Iavich, and implemented within the framework of the Jean Monnet module.


The primary objective of the project is to advance excellence in IT education for women in the areas of cybersecurity and data protection, enhance the quality of women's education in Georgia using the EU's best practices, and encourage communication between academia and society. Additionally, the project aims to raise women's understanding of data protection in a broader social context.


The promotion of IT education for women in Georgia is a positive step towards a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. The examination of European practices and training of various target groups through the WISEC Academy will help to achieve results on multiple levels and provide a comprehensive solution to this problem in Georgia. Establishing an educational program for women to study cybersecurity and data protection is crucial for improving the current situation in Georgia. Only focused efforts can speed up the acquisition of essential skills for the workforce, policymakers, and the general society.


Within the framework of the 3-year project, the following activities are envisaged:


▪ Review of the EU’s best experience in learning and teaching cyber security and data protection.

▪ Development specialized cyber security academy for women – WISEC Academy.

▪ Development of online cybersecurity trainings for women from regions especially on cybersecurity and personal data protection in accordance with EU standards.

▪ Enhance the level of women's education in cybersecurity and data protection in Georgia and training highly qualified women in IT.