Work meeting with representatives of Technical University of Dresden at Ilia State University (HERD)

6 February 2020


On February 3-6, the representatives (Christian Gerhardts, Katja Böttcher) of the European Project Center of Technical University of Dresden held work meeting for 4 days for the representatives of Georgian partner universities, in the framework of the Erasmus + Institutional Development Project “Raising Research Capacity of Georgian HEIs through Developing R&D Units - HERD". The meetings were attended by Nino Machurishvili, Director of Research Facilitation Department of Caucasus University.


On the first day of the meetings the participants were introduced to the goals, topics and approaches of the center. On the last day of the meetings, representatives of European partner universities (University of Clermont, Nice Cote d'Azur University) introduced the structure of R&D Units to the participants of the meetings.


The meetings focused on topics such as project success parameters and circumstances, Horizon 2020 project competitions, general conditions, structure, objectives and strategies for supporting research units.


The goal of the project is to enhance research capacity in Georgian higher education institutions through the development of research and development units.