Graphic design creative tour

20 June 2023

The creative tour for admission to the bachelor’s graphic design program of Caucasus University includes two stages:


  • Submission of papers electronically
  • Interview


The entrant must prepare a visual of the topic - "The freedom of art as seen through your eyes" - in any technique of their choice (made by hand (drawing, sketch) or computer program).


At the interview, the entrant will present their work and discuss it (authenticity of the work is determined). The commission may ask the applicant to complete an additional task on the spot (with the resources available on the spot).


Registration ended on May 20.


Please note, group and/or collaborative work will not be reviewed.


Acceptance dates for works: May 20 - 30

Interview: May 30 - June 20.


You will be informed about the specific date and time of the interview individually.

At the creative tour, the entrant is evaluated using a 100-point system.


The evaluation criteria of the works are:


  • Creativity
  • Concept
  • Relevance to the topic
  • Artistic-aesthetic solution
  • Presentation skills
  • Motivation


In case of plagiarism or signs of performance with the help of someone else in the presented works, the entrant is evaluated with 0 points.

The final evaluation of the entrant is done by calculating the arithmetic average of the evaluations written by the members of the commission.

The creative competition is considered successful if a score higher than the minimum competence threshold (33 points) is obtained.