Supplementary Examination Subjects Selected by Higher Education Institutions for the 2020 Unified National Exams

7 October 2019

In the framework of the complex education reform, in 2020, the entrants will pass the unified national exams with a new model.


Examinations will be conducted in three compulsory subjects:


  • Georgian language and literature;
  • Foreign language;
  • Math/History.


The third exam depends on the programs. Entrants in the technical and natural science fields will take math, humanities - history and, depending on the specifics of the program, they will take either history or mathematics when choosing interdisciplinary directions.


Higher education institutions (who wish to do so) have already identified additional subject areas for the curriculum from the following list: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Skills, Geography, Literature, Fine and Applied Arts, Civil Education.


Given the initiative of medical education institutions, there will be four mandatory exams for health education programs:


  1. Georgian language and literature;
  2. Foreign language;
  3. Biology;
  4. Mathematics/Chemistry/Physics (the student chooses at least one). Quota seats will be allocated for the fourth subject, not less than 30% for each subject.


As for creative/sports educational programs, the entrant is obliged to take Georgian language and literature and foreign language along with the creative tour, and in order to receive a grant - math or history.


Enrollment of applicants in Georgian language education program will continue in the current format.


Grant will be awarded based on the results of the three subjects. However, if a higher education institution also requires a fourth course, the entrant is given another opportunity to obtain funding.