Political ideologies in Georgia

27 May 2021

Unlike in the West, the role of political ideologies in politics in Georgia is small. Nevertheless, it can be said that the importance of ideologies in politics is growing in Georgia. In this workshop, we will talk about the political ideologies in Georgia and how they are articulated in the mainstream and non-mainstream (for example, activist) political space. 

To participate in the workshop, send a 300-500 word abstracts (with information about the author) to the following address: gtskhadaia@cu.edu.ge. Deadline for submission of abstracts: 5 June. 

Based on the abstracts received, participants will present their works at a zoom workshop on July 3. Workshop participants are required to submit a minimum of 6 pages (12 font, 1 line between lines) on July 3.


Key questions that papers should address:


  • What are the main features of the political ideology in Georgia? (The topic of the paper may be related to a separate ideology)
  • What is the role of political ideologies in Georgia? Are there ideological divisions in Georgian parties?
  • Do Georgian social movements (women's movement, youth movements, etc.) have ideologies and what are their main characteristics?
  • How do you understand the "left"/"right" division in Georgia?
  • What are the main issues on which ideological positions are expressed in Georgia?
  • How similar are Georgian political ideologies to the West?
  • Who are the "ideologues of politics"? What role do they play in Georgian politics and especially in the life of individual political parties?
  • What were the main political ideologies in Georgia at different stages of development: in the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s? 

The abstract can also refer to any other topics related to political ideologies in Georgia. 


For additional questions, please contact us at the following email: gtskhadaia@cu.edu.ge