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Wine and Dine study tour in Georgia  (July 16-23, 2023)


Discover Georgia and make friends while learning

Caucasus University summer school is open for students throughout the world. Classes include: lectures, group projects, workshops, case studies and discussions. Over 1  challenging week, students have an opportunity to discover Georgia and make friends while learning. 


This short course briefly encompasses the history of winemaking in Georgia, describes differences in traditional technologies, and maps wine regions’ diversity in terms of grape varieties and climate-specific peculiarities of the main winemaking micro-zones. It also develops a good general understanding of the human and physical infrastructure of contemporary Georgian enotourism.


Be your home University’s Ambassador

Each year we have growing number of participants, who would like to apply for CU’s summer school program from over 170 partner universities throughout the world. Besides this, we usually host visiting students from our potential allies as well.


CU summer school welcomes international students who are eager to challenge themselves with a demanding academic schedule that combines classroom study, field trips, excursions, social events, and more. Located on a historical campus, one of the best in the country, CU can contribute a great experience and allow you to meet new people and experience the culture of Georgia. 


Preliminary Agenda of the Summer School

International Student’s Guide