ERASMUS + exchange programs for academic staff

25 December 2017

Caucasus University is announcing applications for academic staff to participate in the Erasmus + exchange program in the spring semester of 2017.


The Erasmus + exchange program for international mobility of academic staff provides travel coverage and scholarships. The amount of the scholarship is determined in accordance with the Erasmus + manual and the legislation of the host country.


In order to teach at a partner university, staff mobility is one week (includes 5 working days, although a partner university may offer increased mobility days) and includes mandatory 8 lecture hours.


Applications can be submitted by:


  • Full-time academic staff (order / long-term contract) who have experience in lecturing in English
  • Academic staff of the Caucasus University, who have experience in lecturing in English.


For the purposes of this application, mobility is available at the following universities in the spring semester of 2017:


  • Tuscia University, Italy (Business administration; Political Science and International Relations; Administration and Finance; Marketing and quality; Political science, international security and public communication; Modern Languages ​​and Cultures; Law; Archeology and art history, protection and enhancement; Sciences of cultural heritage; Humanities / Literature; Communications, technology and digital culture Modern Philology.)
  • Kozminski university, Poland (Business (proposed courses for teaching: Case studies in entrepreneurship: from start-up to corporate practices; Contemporary management challenges) (or attend International conference: -
  • University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (business and economics-
  • Collegium University of Civitas, Poland - (International Relations and Political Sience, Specific Focuse on Conflic Studies)
  • Katowice University of Economics, Poland - Inter Communication Management
  • LCC International University (LCC), Lithuania (Business, psychology or Political Science- in order to view the full list please select “spring 2017 ”From the drop down list and press“ search ”)
  • SMK University of Applied Social Sciences, Lithuania (Bsusiness, International Business and Marketing, Tourism, Media)
  • Technical University of Košice (Economics, Management)


Academic staff interested in participating in the competition must submit the following documents in English:


  • A copy of the international passport;
  • Completed application form (see Appendix # 1)
  • EUROPASS CV (see Appendix # 2) (see Appendix # 3)
  • An essay that should reflect: the experience of working at Caucasus University; Information on projects and programs in which the applicant has participated with Caucasus University or as a representative of Caucasus University;
  • 1 letter of recommendation from the faculty.


Applications that are not:


  • Applications that are incomplete or unsuitable with established requirements;
  • Applications submitted late or in stages will not be considered.


Candidates can submit their applications electronically by November 25, 2016 at the following address:


The candidate must indicate the name of the selected university on which he / she is applying in the subject line of the e-mail. Each document must be titled accordingly.


Selection procedure:


  • The submitted application documents will be reviewed by the Competition Commission of Caucasus University.
  • The commission will nominate the selected candidates;
  • Information / documents on selected candidates will be provided to the host university;
  • Final selection of academic staff by the host university;


For more information, please contact the Department of Strategic Development and International Relations of Caucasus University, Seventh Floor, Room A21.


Good luck!