Austrian Government Scholarship Program - ERNST MACH

8 March 2019

The Austrian Ministry of Science and Research is announcing an application for the ERNST MACH exchange competition for undergraduate and graduate students of the School of Business to study at FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, Austria.


Mobility is possible in the fall of 2019 or the spring semester of 2020.


The competition is divided into two stages:


In the first stage, Caucasus University will select and nominate 6 students to the University of Applied Sciences Austria, until February 10, 2019. Selected candidates will be sent an admission letter from the University of Applied Sciences, Austria, on the basis of which they will participate in the competition.


The second stage involves the student applying to the ERNST MACH Scholarship Program by March 1, 2019.


Caucasus University is announcing a competition for the selection of students participating in the ERNST MACH exchange scholarship competition and their nomination to The University of Applied Sciences. To take part in the competition, active undergraduate and graduate students of Caucasus University must submit the following documents in English:


  • Copy of ID card / passport
  • Filled application form (see Appendix # 1)
  • EUROPASS CV (see Appendix # 2) (see Appendix # 3)
  • Certificate of knowledge of a foreign language at least B2 level (IELTS - 6.0 \ TOEFL-78)
  • Mark sheet;
  • Motivation letter (motivational letter should answer the following questions: Why do you want to study in Austria? Why have you chosen this university of applied sciences? What exactly do you want to do during your study period in Austria? Which courses do you want to attend? Are your planned studies related to your planned future career? Prior studying history (duration and grades).
  • 2 recommendation letters (recommender should be from a lecturer / dean / program director). The letter of recommendation must include the student's name, surname and show his / her academic characteristics, must be submitted with the signature of the lecturer, dated and certified by the university seal.


Cannot participate in the competition:


  • Students of the first and final stage of the undergraduate program;
  • Students of the second semester of the second stage of the master's program;


The following applications won’t be considered:


  • Does not meet the requirements set forth in the Framework Agreement for Participation in the Exchange Program and the Statute of the Department of Foreign Relations of Caucasus University;
  • The submitted application is incomplete or inconsistent with the established requirements;
  • Incomplete or gradually submitted applications will not be considered.


Candidates can submit applications in electronic form by February 8, 2019 to the following e-mail address:


Candidates must indicate the name of the grant (ERNST MACH) in the subject line of the e-mail, the submitted documents must be so-called.


Selection procedure:


  • The submitted application documents will be reviewed by the competition commission of Caucasus University.
  • The selected candidates will be nominated by the commission;
  • The documents/information will be provided to the host university;
  • The final selection of students will be done by the host university and later they will send an enrollment letter.


In connection with the second stage of the competition, which involves applying to the ERNST MACH competition, the candidates will be contacted by the Department of Foreign Affairs.


For more information, please contact Caucasus Department of Foreign Affairs, Second Floor, Room B25.