The program fully finances the student's tuition, living and travel expenses.


The amount of the monthly scholarship is determined by the host country:


Denmark, Ireland, France, Italy, Austria, Finland, Sweden, UK, Liechtenstein, Norway - 850 euros


Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Iceland, Turkey - 800 euros


Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Macedonia - 750 euros


Travel expenses are reimbursed according to the distance between the home and host cities. To calculate the distance, see:


Travel Distance Calculator:


Travel distances                         Top-up amounts

Between 10 and 99 KM:               20 EUR per participant

Between 100 and 499 KM:          180 EUR per participant

Between 500 and 1999 KM:        275 EUR per participant

Between 2000 and 2999 KM:      360 EUR per participant

Between 3000 and 3999 KM:      530 EUR per participant

Between 4000 and 7999 KM:      820 EUR per participant

8000 KM or more:                       1300 EUR per participant


Note: These scholarship and travel limits may vary depending on the requirements of specific national university regulations.