Statement by Caucasus University Administration

10 July 2019

Due to high public interest, we would like to emphasize that Caucasus University's Student Self-governance is an independent body and the statement made on July 8 regarding a TV host’s program of a broadcaster on their Facebook page does not represent the university’s position.


The essence of the statement was not in any form discussed with any University unit. It should also be noted that the statement does not express the general stance and the attitude of the University students, which is proven by the fact that the hastily posted statement was promptly removed by the Self-governance itself.


The Public Relations Office of Caucasus University was in touch with with all interested representatives of the mass media all the time, which is why it is very sad and unacceptable that the whole incident has been misinterpreted and the University has been shown in a bad light.  


Since its establishment, Caucasus University has been committed to universal democratic values, which is a foundation of its educational activities, university life and developmental vision. Consequently, any individual's opinion or any irresponsible statement cannot/should not throw shade at the University's activities and everyday life.