second part of the book “CJEU Case Law and Georgian Labour Law”

2 December 2020

With the support of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, the association “European Time” and the Caucasus University published the second part of the book “CJEU Case Law and Georgian Labour Law”.


The book is unprecedented as it presents the Georgian translation of the CJEU cases and thematic reviews, which is extremely important in the era of European Association for the development of Georgian labor law science, Georgian case law and comparative labor studies at Georgian universities.


The second part of the book touches the following aspects of EU and Georgian Labour laws:


  • Renewable Fixed-Term Labour Contracts of Teachers and Lecturers (on the example of the application of 1999/70 Directive);
  • Police Officer Working Time according to the 2003/88 Directive and CJEU Case Law;
  • Part-Time work in 97/81 Directive and Georgian Legislation;
  • Restriction of the Discrimination in employment and labour activities based on Disability (CJEU practice related to the directive 2000/78 and analysis of Georgian legislation);
  • Employees’ Rights   in   case   of   Business   Transfer   to   the  New   Employer (2001/23 Directive Standard and Georgian Experience).


Authors of the book are: KARDAA Ekaterine, GASITASHVILI Ekaterine, BAKAKURI Nino, KARTOZIA Maka, LIPARTIA Nino.


The second part of the book CJEU Case Law and Georgian Labour Law.