Completion of a short-term summer program (SPINAKER) of the Cracow University of Economics, Poland

20 July 2023

The joint summer program of Cracow University of Economics and Caucasus University: SPINAKER – Heritage, Art and Business Intensive Program has been successfully completed.


The program included two stages, online lectures (March 16-June 30) and an 8-day visit (July 8-July 16) to the Cracow University of Economics, in which students of the Caucasus School of Business, Tourism, Architecture and Design and the Caucasus School of Technology participated.


Cracow University of Economics is one of the strategic partners of Caucasus University in Poland. It should be noted that together with Cracow University of Economics, Caucasus University is a member of the Network of International Business and Economics Schools (NIBES). In addition, there has been a partnership between the universities for many years within the framework of the Erasmus + credit mobility program, through which a number of mobility activities have been planned for both students and academic staff of the university.