CSB Alumni Company has won the GITA Grant Program

24 January 2021

The winning company in the second round of the GITA GEL 650,000 grant program, founded by CSB graduate Giorgi Bukia, has signed a grant agreement with the Innovation Agency.


Company product - Wine tea is a new word in the field of non-waste wine production, the product is created by high-tech processing of waste raw materials obtained from the processing of Saperavi grapes. It does not contain alcohol and at the same time has all the useful properties of wine. The product is characterized by high content of antioxidants and energy properties. It is used as a hot drink as well as for making cold, non-alcoholic cocktails.


Caucasus University Startup Accelerator C10 was the consultant on the project.


The company aims to offer the public a non-genetically modified, healthy product by innovating in waste production, which will become one of Georgia's business cards worldwide.