Defense of CSB Master Theses

24 December 2021

On December 23, the defense of CSB Master's program master's theses was held at Caucasus University.

The masters presented papers on the following topics:

 Teona Tsutskhvashvili - "Formation of business ethics after the emergence of social media on the example of Georgia"

Sopho Jmukhadze - "The Impact of Covid-19 on Consumer Behavior"

Sophio Zghudadze - "Representation of women in managerial and executive positions"

Akaki Tsereteli - "Marketing Analytics and its Impact on Georgian Companies"

Irine Totrashvili - "Submission of Financial Statements in the Fourth Category of Enterprises in the Framework of Accounting and Audit Reform"

 The members of the commission: Elene Jgharkava, Tengiz Taktakishvili and Aleksandre Mikeladze attended the defense of master's theses. The students successfully defended their papers before the commission.