CSL Student Scientific Conference

23 May 2022

On May 21, CSL Student Scientific Conference was held at Caucasus University.


The conference was officially opened by the Dean of the Caucasus School of Law, Sophio Shengelia.


The following papers were presented at the conference:


  • Edisher Gamgoneishvili: "Systemic difficulties of partner's share termination of ownership, chronology and approaches of court practice". Head: Simon Takashvili


  • Ana Dumbadze: "Rights and Obligations of the Parties to the Documentary Letter of Credit Agreement and Legal Consequences". Head: Simon Takashvili


  • Ana Abashidze and Mariam Khalvashi: "Complicating the Fulfillment of Obligations under Article 398." Supervisor: Maka Kartozia


  • Elene Gabunia and Nino Paichashvili: "Criteria and Scope of Transparent Liability Partner of a Limited Liability Company". Head: Simon Takashvili


  • Ana Gomareli and Sopho Kachkachishvili: "Age as a precondition for guilt." Head: Shota Tkeshelashvili


  • Mariam Okruashvili and Mariam Tsurtsumia: "The Problem of Provocation in Taking Bribes". Head: David Muzashvili


  • Sandro Alapishvili and Teo Adamadze: "Balance between Freedom of Expression and Interest in Protection of State Symbols on the Example of Article 343 of the Georgian Criminal Code." Head: David Muzashvili


  • Ana Khizanishvili: "Media coverage of a criminal offense, its consequences and conflict with the rights of the accused." Head: Sergi Jorbenadze


  • Davit Sakhokia "Guarantee of the Trial of Persons Accused of Terrorism by the Member States of the Council of Europe: An Analysis of Judicial Practice." Supervisor: Archil Borjadze


  • Tskhomelidze Ana and Avazashvili Keti: "Rule of Disposal of Real Estate Owned by Spouses". Head: Tatia Uber


  • Mariam Khantadze: "Equality of the parties in a franchising agreement". Supervisor: Tatia Uberi and Luka Bibineishvili


  • Naniko Kurdovanidze: "Obligational Law in the History of Ancient Georgian Law". Head: Archil Borjadze


  • Georgi Mikautidze: "Electoral systems and the expression of the will of the people in conditions of democratic governance." Head: George Loria


  • Luka Buliskeria: "Mortgage ban as an interference with the principle of contractual freedom." Head: Nino Meskhishvili


The winners of the conference were:


I place - Sandro Alapishvili and Teo Adamadze

II place - Elene Gabunia and Nino Paichashvili

III place - Ana Khizanishvili; Luke Buliskeria