20 June 2023

Caucasus University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center’s startup pre-acceleration program CUunicorn has carried out its eighth week’s activities. The program participants were introduced to the basic principles of data science in marketing and its significance.


The eighth week activities were led by Keti Mepharishvili - The Program Mentor, Associate Professor of Marketing and Asia Regional Manager of the International Fintech Company “TWINO”.


Pre-acceleration program attendees were also introduced to Alex Matua, the General Director of Procredit Bank, and Aleksandre Jashiashvili, the Head of the Environmental Management Department. They discussed the bank's environmental strategy and its commitment to implementing eco-friendly policies.


For Procredit Bank, as a European, socially responsible company, one of the important priorities is to support educational projects and promote the involvement of the youth in various innovative projects.