European ways of protecting and preserving the linguistic mosaic

26 September 2022

On September 26, a public lecture was held on the topic: "European ways of protecting and preserving the linguistic mosaic" in the bookstore of the Caucasus University - "Librarea", which was dedicated to the European Day of Languages.


Mariam Manjgaladze, professor and head of the Georgian philology program of the Caucasus University, gave a lecture, and the students of the Georgian philology program, Elene Japaridze and Elene Beridze, shared brief information about the language issues in France and Germany.


The countries included in the Council of Europe, including Georgia, have been celebrating the European Day of Languages ​​since 2001. The Council of Europe believes that linguistic diversity is the best means of achieving mutual understanding between cultures and an essential element of our continent's rich cultural heritage. The Caucasus University traditionally joins the initiative of the Council of Europe together with the European Commission and celebrates the European Day of Languages ​​every year on September 26 with targeted events. 


Our motto is "Knowledge is the prerequisite to freedom!" We believe that knowing languages ​​and speaking the languages ​​of different cultures increases the quality of general knowledge and freedom even more.  Let's celebrate the European Day of Languages ​​together!