Educational expedition of students of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences to Armaziskhevi

11 July 2023

On July 8, the students of the bachelor’s degree history program of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Caucasus University visited Armaziskhevi.


The students visited the archaeological finds in Armaziskhevi: the resting place of the Eristavs (Pitiakhshi), the ruins of the palace complex, the Armaziskhevi bath, the remains of the aqueduct, the ceramic workshop and the cellar.


The expedition was led by professor of Caucasus University, archaeologist Zurab Bragvadze, who has directly participated in the archaeological excavations conducted in Armaziskhevi.


The visit was carried out with the financial support of the university.


Expedition lectures of a similar nature are already a tradition for students of the history program and will continue in the future.