One CU startup of the 20 startups is the winner of the GITA co-funding Grant Program

26 February 2020

On February 25, one of the 20 winning startups in the GITA co-funding program at the Innovation and Technology Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development was a CU startup. CU Startup C10 accelerator helped develop this project.


Rati Skhirtladze's project, Multilingual Spellchecker, involves developing a multilingual spelling checker for non-dominant languages. The product will be available on Windows, Mac, iPad and Office applications. The spelling checker will be developed by the innovative data processing center, Data Analytics Lab, with the help of artificial intelligence. Caucasus University and its partner foreign universities will be involved in the development of the program and will ensure the involvement of linguists and other specialists in the project.


Startup accelerator C10 will help the winner in the implementation of his project.


A 100,000 GEL grant was also awarded to Lili Shergelashvili, a student at Caucasus University, for the Ourwedding project, and to Professor Nino Kunceva-Gabashvili, for the project H&Z.