Caucasus University is the winner of the grant project „Entrepreneurship Education - Pathway for Innovation, Inclusion & Quality“ (CIF)

15 June 2023

Caucasus University, in partnership with Samtskhe-Javakheti State University, won the first grant competition announced within the framework of the Competitive Innovation Fund CIF (Georgia I2Q Innovation, Inclusivity and Quality Competitive Innovation Fund), approved by the first paragraph of the Order No. 582615 of the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia dated June 02, 2022.


The project application: "Entrepreneurial education, the path to innovation, equality and quality" was submitted by the partner universities. The project took the 4th place among 30 applications submitted within the competition and received funding.


The project will be implemented by Caucasus University and Samtskhe-Javakheti State University with the involvement of George Washington University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.


 The goal of CIF is to facilitate the rapid modernization of higher education programs and learning environments and to strengthen their connection to the labor market.