Research by IAUP and Santander Universidades

21 December 2020
The International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) and the Santander Universidades Association organized a new study: Leadership Responses to COVID 19.
To better understand the Covid-19 problem and help interested parties in the future, IAUP and Santander Universidades developed and conducted a global college and university leadership survey (IAUP survey).
The purpose of the survey was to analyze the responses of higher education leadership to COVID-19 and to make changes around that issue in the coming years. International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) survey of over 700 higher ed leaders globally highlights shifts in landscape due to pandemic and economic pressure. In a new survey, college presidents across the globe report widespread pressures on university business models and enrollment, while signaling the potential for lasting shifts in delivery models and international education in response to the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.
The results of the study further highlighted the importance of beginning to address the basic transformational needs of higher education and better prepare leaders for the challenges of continuing COVID-19.
For more information about the research, see the link.