Information meeting - how to create a startup from scratch

25 May 2023

Caucasus University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center held a meeting “How to create a startup from scratch” at Tech Park Gurjaani.


High school students and interested persons attended the meeting Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Giorgi Burduli and center Manager Irakli Svanidze discussed four main topics related to creating.


startups from scratch:


  • Idea;
  • Product;
  • Team;
  • Execution


Participant of Caucasus University Innovation and Entrepreneurship pre-acceleration program “CUnicorn”  Giorgi Khanishvili also shared his startup experience with the attendees.


The events are being carried out within the scope of the university's third mission project at regional techparks. The Erasmus + projec  SQUARE  aims at Strengthening the QUality and RElevance of the 3rd mission in Georgian universities, increasing the impact of 3M and scope and ensuring that 3M is officially recognized and promoted, integral role of Georgian universities they are accountable to. The SQUARE project leads to the cultural evolution, benefiting Georgian society at large.