International Workshop and Experience of “Triangle Effect of European Studies at Schools” (TEESS)

31 March 2021




 Ilia State University within the framework of LEAP Jean Monnet Network  organized the workshop Experiencing Europe on March 29-30. The workshop hosts more than 20 participants from different Universities in Europe and the United states. Participants were scholars, doctoral candidates as well as other experts - representing different fields of social sciences and humanities. They contribute to the topic of how Europe in general and the EU in particular are perceived and experienced in the everyday life of countries and societies at the periphery. The workshop included a seminar by Professor Thomas Diez (University of Tübingen) on the impact “Ambiguities of Europe: Reimaginations of Identity, Borders and Societal Orders".


Prof. Guranda Chelidze, Caucasus University Erasmus+ Jean Monnet project “Triangle Effect of European Studies at Schools” (TEESS) coordinator presented a report on topic “Raising EU Awareness in Ethnic Minority Areas - Following the One Example of a Jean Monnet Project “Triangle Effect of European Studies at Schools” (TEESS). The report analyzed the project implementation process in Samtskhe-Javakheti public schools and obtained results.


  An interesting discussion was held during the seminar.