Jean Monet Module Lectures 2023, Fall Semester

28 September 2023



Jean Monet Module Lectures

2023, Fall Semester



In 2022, Jean Monnet Module "Europeanization of law programs in Georgia" (101084764 — EU-LP-GE) of the Caucasus University, namely the CSL, won the Erasmus+ Jean Monnet activities competition.


The module is led by professors Ekaterine Kardava and Guranda Chelidze.


Within the framework of the module, in the fall semester of 2023, 3 hour lectures were held in 5 groups for the BA Law program students, in particular, for students registered on Labour law and Human Rights Law courses.


The lectures touched the following topics:


  1. "EU Law and EU Policy". (See attached presentation).
  2. Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, Citizenship of the European Union (see attached presentation).


The schedule of lectures and attended students:



Totally, 157 students attended the lectures provided in the framework of the Jean Monnet module.


Sub-topics of lectures were:


- creation and enlargement of the European Union;

- EU values;

- European and Europeanization;

- The essence of European integration and the political criteria of Copenhagen, including democracy, rule of law;

- Summary, purpose and impact of Article 78 of the Constitution of Georgia on the progress of Georgian law and politics.

- The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and its role in EU law.

- The structure of the charter and the content of the articles.

- The concept of EU citizenship

- the field of regulation of the labor law of the European Union;


As well, time was set aside for questions and answers during the lectures.  Especially, students were interested in the mechanisms of protection of human rights in the European Union and aspects of the status of granting candidacy to Georgia.


Professor Guranda Chelidze led the lectures in the Fall semester.


In the fall semester, a total of 15 hours of teaching were conducted for students.


After the lecture cycle, a questionnaire was prepared for students to evaluate the Jean Monnet teaching component.