Healthcare Management Lecture for School IB MTHIEBI students

29 September 2022

On September 29, at the bookstore "Librarea" of the Caucasus University, the 12th grade students of the public school "Ib Mthiebi" met the dean of the Caucasus School of Medicine and Healthcare Management, Giorgi Makharashvili.


The content and curriculum of the healthcare management program, as well as the prospects for students and graduates of this program, were discussed at the event. At the meeting, various cases from the field of healthcare management were presented, which were analyzed together with the students.


The meeting was held in an interactive mode, the audience received comprehensive answers to interesting and important issues for them.


Manoni Sikharulidze, coordinator of the 12th grade of science from the school "Ib Mthiebi" attended the lecture.


It is worth noting that the Caucasus University and the IB Mthiebi school have been cooperating and carrying out joint events and various activities for years.