Public lecture - love lessons from ancient Greece

8 June 2023

On June 7, in the conference hall of Caucasus University, a public lecture was held on the topic: Love
lessons from ancient Greece. The lecture was conducted by Hellenist and translator Tatia Mtvarelidze.

"Sikhvaruli" is a Georgian word and it is translated into at least 8 different words in ancient Greek. The meeting discussed the history of Greek gods, what is the adventure of these words in ancient Greece and the modern world? Who are the gods of love? What does Greek mythology, poetry and philosophy tell us about love? What do lovers learn and fail to learn from the ancient Greeks?

The event was also attended by the president of Caucasus University – Dr. Kakha Shengelia, who greeted the audience with a speech, and gave Tatia Mtvarelidze a gift on behalf of Caucasus University.