MA Thesis Defence at Caucasus School of Governance

30 July 2020

On July 27, Caucasus School of Governance held a thesis defence for students of Master’s degree programs in Diplomacy and International Relations and Public Administration. Students presented their MA theses in front of the defence Commission. Commission members included:  – Dr. Eka Akobia, Dean, Associate Professor; Dr. Tamar Charkviani, Associate Professor; Dr. Emir Eteria, Associate Professor; Dr. Giorgi Muchaidze, Associate Professor.


The following MA theses were presented:


MA program in Diplomacy and International Relation


  1. Khatia Bakhbaia -” August War 2008 - Russia’s Geopolitical Interests and Instruments”

Thesis coordinator: Ketevan Chumbadze, Invited lecturer


  1. Gvantsa Taganashvili – “Problem of Misperception of Russia’s Information War in the Context of Georgia’s National Security”

Thesis coordinator: Giorgi Muchaidze, Associate professor


  1. Maka Gogrichiani – “Impact of Russia’s Economic Sanctions on Georgia’s Foreign Economic Relations”

Thesis coordinator: Emir Eteria, Associate professor



MA program in Public Administration


  1. Sophio Litanishvili – “E-governance, as a Resource for Effective two-way Communication Between a Democratic State and a Citizen”

Thesis coordinator: Tamar Charkviani, Invited lecturer


  1. Sandro Tskhvaradze – “Impact of Europeanization on Public Administration Reform in Georgia”

Thesis coordinator: Sergi Kapanadze, Invited lecturer


  1. Mariam Lomidze – “Challenges of Civil Servants’ Assessment System at Legislative and Executive Branches of the Government”

Thesis coordinator: Tamar Charkviani, Invited lecturer