Maria Ghlonti - Agile Mentor Georgian platform

2 June 2023

On June 1, Caucasus University hosted a meeting with Maria Ghlonti representing Agile Mentor - the Georgian platform.


The mentor held an open session to talk about the features of the Agile approach and Agile professions.


Agile Mentor was created for people involved in the creation and development of digital products, for leaders, project managers, business analysts and anyone in any company interested in Agile management.


What Agile Mentor offers:

  • You manage or participate in the management of a complex digital/non-digital product or project;
  • You have a leadership role in an organization and you want to create effective Scrum-teams;
  • You want your knowledge to be acknowledged by an international certificate;
  • plans transformational changes in the company in accordance with the Agile approach;
  • You are looking for appropriate personnel to help you manage work processes more flexibly.


The meeting included practical activities.