Representatives of "Impel" company met with students

30 March 2023

On March 28, at the invitation of the lecturer of the Caucasus University School of Humanities and Social Sciences, linguist Irakli Salia, the representatives of the "Impel" company - linguist Ana Kolkhidashvili and machine learning engineer Tatia Santeshvili - held a meeting with the students of the Georgian philology bachelor’s degree program.


The guests gave the audience a history of the development of the "chatbot," which is used by several websites for the purchase and rental of cars in the USA.


Artificial intelligence, speech synthesis, natural language processing, and other techniques are used in the development and management of a "chatbot." Because of this, linguists as well as information technology experts play a crucial part in the operations of this company, demonstrating the significance of digital humanities in the modern era.


The meeting took the form of a discussion.