European Mental Health Week Music therapy and mental health care

23 May 2023

On May 23, within the framework of the European Mental Health Week, a public lecture on the topic “Music Therapy and Mental Health Care” was held in the Caucasus University bookstore "Librarea". The lecture led by psychologist, music therapist - Marina Raidt-Altunashvili.


Music therapy is an increasingly common approach that is gaining popularity due to its multiple positive outcomes. It is a practice-oriented and evidence-based discipline that works closely with various fields of science, including: Medicine, Social Sciences, Psychology, Music, Education, Neurosciences and Anthropology. The goal of music therapy is to care for the mental health of individuals and groups. By improving the physical, psychological and social spheres and achieving harmonious functioning between said spheres, the quality of general well-being of the individual and society is increased.


The meeting was held in interactive mode.