Panel Discussion - "Key Competencies - Challenges of Teaching STEM at Primary Level"

21 July 2023

On July 20, within the framework of the project, a cycle of panel discussions on the topic "Development of the country (economy, democracy, peace) and the labor market - challenges of pedagogy 2023", a panel discussion on the topic "Key competences - Challenges of Teaching STEM at Primary Level" was held in the Innovation and Technology Agency of Georgia / Technopark (more information about the project can be found at the link). 


Representatives of interest groups involved in the system of primary school education took part in the panel discussion: students of pedagogy, teachers representing the school community, parents, principals and also employers. The participants presented their opinions, experiences and visions regarding the topic.


The meeting was held in an interactive mode - the participants had the opportunity to ask questions and make comments.


Speakers at the discussion:


  • Employer - Levan Molashvili, President of Georgian Online Commerce Association;
  • Director - Eka Tabuashvili, Director of Gogita Kiknadze State Public School #182, Tbilisi;
  • Teacher - Ana Kintsurashvili, "Korali" school, head of exact and science clubs;
  • Parent - Nugzar Mikadze, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Tbilisi #42 Public School of Physics and Mathematics named after Academician I Vekua;
  • Student - Salome Bezhashvili, Caucasus University, Caucasus School of Education, Integrated Bachelor's-Master's Degree Program of Teacher of Primary Education (Initial Teacher Education or Training ITET).


Moderators of the panel discussion:


  • Aluda Goglichidze - Dean of the Caucasus Education School, Affiliated Associate Professor;
  • Paata Papava - affiliated associate professor of Caucasus University;
  • Ana Vashakmadze - Head of the Department of Relations with International and Donor Organizations of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA).


A video recording of the panel discussion will be available on the website of the Caucasus Education School of.


Integrated Bachelor’s-Master’s Degree Program of Teacher of Primary Education (Initial Teacher Education or Training ITET).