Public lecture - Economic crises: What have we learned? What else can we expect?

15 June 2023

On June 14, a public lecture was held at Caucasus University on the topic: Economic crises - what have we learned? What else can we expect?


The lecture was conducted by Tamta Sopromadze, the head of the Monetary Policy Department of the Department of Macroeconomics and Statistics.


Within the framework of the topic, the speaker touched on the economic crises in the country as well as outside the country, their causes, impact and results. What are the expectations and what is the role of the National Bank in this process.


The lecture was held in an interactive format, in a Q&A mode.


Tamta Sopromadze is an economist by profession. She received her Master of Economics degrees from the Czech University CERGE-EI and ISET - International School of Economics. She is also a graduate of the Tbilisi State University. Tamta is also engaged in academic activities. She is the author of a number of research papers published in international refereed journals.