Public lecture by Natia Panjikidze

17 May 2022

On May 16, a public lecture was held as part of the European Mental Health Week at the Caucasus University Bookstore - Librarea.


The lecture was delivered by Natia Panjikidze, a psychologist, the founder of the Center for Psychosocial Rehabilitation - "Kamara" and the head of the Master's program in Clinical Art Therapy at Caucasus University.


The following issues were discussed at the meeting: A little about mental health; clinical art therapy; purpose and capabilities; Poiesis; the effects of alienation. The event took place in an informal environment, in question-answer mode.


On May 16-19, Caucasus University will host a variety of educational and cognitive activities related to European Mental Health Week, aimed at raising students' awareness on the importance of mental health.


Caucasus University's European Mental Health Week is celebrated within the framework of the EU-funded ERASMUS + CBHE Institutional Development Project " Establishment of Psychological Counselling Centers at Georgian HEIs for Students (E-PSY)" and focuses on the importance of student psychological counseling.