Simon Janashia Webinar on Distance and Mixed Teaching

17 July 2020



On July 17, Caucasus University Associate Professor Simon Janashia, with the help of Caucasus University Academic Writing Center, organized a webinar: Planning and Implementing Distance and Mixed Teaching at University.


Simon Janashia talked about content, assignments, synchronous and asynchronous learning process planning. He also discussed the factors that motivate students and the issues with assessment. The speaker reviewed tools that provide greater opportunities for conducting discussions, providing feedback, and safeguarding academic integrity.


It is important that the University has developed a Code of Academic integrity in the framework of the Erasmus + project funded by the European Commission - "Academic integrity for Quality Education in Georgian Higher Education Institutions (INTEGRITY)".


The webinar was conducted in an interactive format, participants were able to talk about their experiences, in particular, the challenges they faced in conducting online lectures during the pandemic.