Student competition on plagiarism

17 February 2020


The winners of the student competition on plagiarism were announced on February 17. The following students of Caucasus University are in the semifinals of the competition:


  • Shermadin Osadze - CSB
  • Mariam Chkonia - CSB
  • Giorgi Khmelidze - CSB
  • Ana Surmanidze - CSG
  • Giorgi Kotrikadze – CSG


Student Poster Competition on plagiarism was held in the framework of the project "Academic Integrity for Quality Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Institutions in Georgia (INTEGRITY)".


INTEGRITY is a project funded by the European Union within the framework of Erasmus Plus 2017 Institutional Development Grant Competition. It aims to develop the quality of teaching and learning in higher education institutions of Georgia, in accordance with the principles of academic integrity.


The project aims to develop policies and mechanisms to help detect, prevent and eliminate plagiarism in Georgian higher education institutions.


The project, coordinated by Ilia State University, is being implemented in collaboration with twelve Georgian universities, leading foreign educational institutions and government agencies.


For detailed information on the competition, see:

A list of finalists is available at: