Book - "Assistance of the United States of America in the development of the health care system of Georgia"

28 July 2023

The authors of the book are: Avtandil Zorbenadze, Minister of Labor, Health and Social Protection of Georgia in 1993-2001 and Tengiz Verulava, professor of Caucasus University. The book was published in Georgian and English.


The book was placed in the digital database of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia. The book is available in electronic format.


The contribution of the American people and the government to the construction of statehood, democratic, economic and social development of Georgia is invaluable. The merit of the USA in bringing the health care system of Georgia out of a crisis in the first years of independence, and in its subsequent reformation and development, is also very important. During this extremely difficult period, with the help of the USA, many people were saved from hunger, illness, death and their health conditions improved.


According to the US Congressional Research Service report, Georgia received $4,348,400,000 (four billion three hundred forty-eight million four hundred thousand) in aid for various purposes from the US for 28 years, including 1992-2020. According to CRS data, among European and Eurasian countries, Georgia is the leading recipient of US aid. This fact confirms the firm support of the United States of America in helping the Georgian people to succeed in building a democratic society. From this point of view, the support of the USA is important for the well-being of our country, economic progress, and security.


American aid to Georgia can be divided into three stages: humanitarian aid (medicines and medical consumables), technical aid (bringing new directions of medicine to the country, raising the education of medical personnel and society, promoting the development of the health care system (with various US organizations, foundations, scientific research institutions doing joint projects, programs and research.) This fact confirms the strong support of the United States of America to help the Georgian people in building a democratic society, ensuring security, achieving the country's prosperity and economic progress.


Georgian and American people have been building bridges of friendship and mutual respect based on shared values, common strategic interests and mutually beneficial cooperation for more than 30 years. The Georgian and American people have a solid experience of a very strong partnership relationship and we have a lot more to prove the reliable friendship formed over the years of working together.