Additional lecture series for architecture program students

2 October 2020

On October 2 began a series of additional lectures for students within the framework of the architecture program of Caucasus School of Technology.


Professionals from various architectural creative studios: architects, urban planners, engineers and art historians will introduce students to different areas of the field, current projects and key issues of modern problems.


The lecture series is led by Doctor of Architecture, Professor Marika Pochkhua.


Topics and speakers:


  • "General Overview of Building Safety Rules", Architect Giorgi Lotishvili.
  • "Green architecture is a correct vision of the future", architect Gvantsa Kheladze.
  • "Historical part of Tbilisi, its specifics, morphology and design methodology", architect Gocha Bzekalava.
  • "Materials for the History of Georgian Jews and the Architecture of Shrines" Sophio Lobzhanidze, art critic.
  • "From plan to realization", architect Nino Manjavidze.