29 July 2020
On July 27, the defence of the masters’ theses of Nino Nozadze and Mamia Svanidze, students of the MSc program of Caucasus School of Business, and Natia Zarnadze, a student of the MBA program was held online. 
Masters will present theses on the following topics:
  • Nino Nozadze - "The Relationship between Work Stress and Employee Motivation"
  • Mamia Svanidze - "Overview of the situation of non-seasonal production and sale of vegetables in Georgia, assessment of the main difficulties and ways to overcome them"
  • Natia Zarnadze - "The Impact of COVID-19 on Online Commerce Consumption in Georgia"


The members of the commission were Elene Jgharkava, Boris Lejava, Nugzar Skhirtladze, Nino Kuntseva-Gabashvili, Iza Gigauri and Nino Andriadze. 
The students successfully defended their theses before the commission.