Defense of CSB master's theses

15 July 2022

On July 13, the defense of Caucasus School of Business students’ master's theses was held at Caucasus University.


Students presented papers on the following topics:


Miranda Loria - Women-led MSMEs Access to Finance in Georgia


Nino Onezashvili - An Analysis of the Impact of the Digital Recruitment Funnel on the Talent Acquisition Process (Oriented on Digital Natives target segment)


Khatia Jikia - characteristics of leadership style and their influence on motivation and loyalty of employees


Nino Vashakmadze - Impact of Agile transformation on employee satisfaction (on the example of private companies)


The members of the commission were: Lili Bibilashvili; Mikheil Nonikashvili; Tengiz Taktakishvili; Elena Jgharkava


Students defended their works successfully.