The winners of the TBC Capital student program - "Camp" - are students of the Caucasus University

17 February 2023

Nika Kopaleishvili, a student at the Caucasus University School of Business, won the competition with his teammates in the fourth stream of the TBC Capital student program, "Camp," while Diana Chavleishvili, a student at the Caucasus School of Business, came in second.


Students and their teammates, who came from several Georgian universities, presented the idea together. TBC shares were offered as a special prize to both of the jury's winning teams.


170 students in the III-IV year from 20 Georgian universities were brought together by the project this year. At different points throughout the project, the students worked on both individual and group assignments. A jury made up of TBC Capital team members listened to the finalists' group projects during the final round outside the city.