Business Workshop for School-leavers

15 April 2019

On April 12, Caucasus University played host to a business workshop for applicants, the topics of which included: ‘What Has Marketing Done?!’, ‘The role of Strategy in Business’ and ‘Finances in our everyday life’.


The participants listened to short lectures and analyzed specific cases. During the workshop, they were given cases, answered questions and created strategies, which, according to them, might have brought success to a company before.


‘What Has Marketing Done?!’ was reported by the Dean of Caucasus School of Business, Elene Jgarkava. The main goal of the workshop was to give information about marketing.


‘The Role of Strategy in Business’ was reported by the lecturer of Caucasus School of Business, Ms. Rusudan Chachanidze. During the workshop the applicants discussed the process of strategic leading with the lecturer.


The main goal of the ‘Finances in our everyday life’ workshop was to create a clear understanding of finances; the workshop was led by an associated professor of Caucasus School of Business, Mr. Erekle Pirveli.                                                                                                                                               

After the workshop the participants received a certificate of attendance.