CSB students defend their master's theses

23 September 2020

On September 23, students of the Business Administration, Finance master’s program defended their theses.


The masters presented theses on the following topics:


  • Salome Khozrevanidze - "Foreign Direct Investment role in Georgia"
  • Pikria Papidze - "Real Estate Market Development Trends in Georgia"
  • Giga Kakalashvili - "Impact of Refinancing Loan Interest Rate on GEL Exchange Rate against US Dollar"
  • Anna Kuprava - "Introduction and Management of Innovative Products in the Georgian Banking Market"
  • Mariam Kodalashvili - "The Impact of Credit Regulations on the Main Activities of Commercial Banks in Georgia"
  • Archil Adeishvili - "The Impact of Individual Lending Regulations on Banking and Equipment Sales Businesses"
  • Mari Gogaladze - "Pension System in Georgia: Reform and Challenges"


The members of the commission were: Elene Jgharkava, Nodar Kiladze, Erekle Pirveli and Giorgi Natroshvili.


The graduate students successsfully defended their theses before the commission.