Defence of CSB masters’ theses

22 July 2020

On July 22, defence of the master theses of Mikheil Kurdadze, MBA student of Caucasus School of Business and Gvantsa Papava, Ana Mikhelidze and Marika Kobaladze, students of MSc program was held online.


Masters will present papers on the following topics:


  • Mikheil Kurdadze - "Analysis of the New Beer Brand Entry Potential and Difficulties in the Georgian Beer Market"
  • Gvantsa Papava - "Results of the introduction of the deposit insurance system in Georgia"
  • Ana Mikhelidze - "Basic Principles of Strategic Management and Challenges in Higher Education Institutions (Example of Georgia)"
  • Marika Kobaladze - "The Role of Advertising in Raising Brand Awareness (Example of Georgia)"


The members of the commission were Elene Jgharkava, Nugzar skhirtladze, Nino Jinjolava and Boris lejava.


The students successfully defended their theses before the commission.