Defense of CSB master's theses

29 April 2023

On April 27-28, the students of the Business Administration Master's Program of the Caucasus School of Business defended their master's theses at Caucasus University.


Students presented papers on the following topics:


  • Natia Gugutishvili- Capital Structure and its Impact on Companies’ Profitability: A Case Study of Organized FMCG Retailers in Georgia;
  • Giorgi Tsaia- Covered Interest Parity deviations: Risk Free Investment opportunities using covered foreign exchange Swaps;
  • Levan Kirtskhalia - Tokenization of Debt and Equity Securities – Alternative Solution to Startups’ Financing Challenges;
  • Giorgi Shengelaia- How Banks Finance and Impact on Small and Medium Enterprises in Georgia;
  • Luka Potshishvili- Behavioral Finance in the Cryptocurrency market;
  • Eldar Abasov- Fair Value Determination for Private Companies in Georgia: The Availability of Information and Challenges.
  • Sofio Gogatishvili - Business Negotiations as the Main Sales Tool;
  • Nana Inasaridze - The Impact of the Employer's Brand on Employee Retention (on the example of the Georgian fast food industry);
  • Elene Amaglobeli - Indicators Affecting the Attraction and Retention of Generation Z Employed in the Digital Industry on the Example of Companies Operating in Georgia;
  • Tamar Chikhradze - Analysis of remote working impact on employee motivation in Georgian service industry;
  • Salome Tavzarashvili - Impact of Leadership styles on Employee Engagement in Georgia;
  • Nutsa Machavariani - The effect of customer satisfaction on business success: analysis of Georgian private sector;
  • Mariam Sabanidze - The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Buying Decision in Georgia.


On April 27, members of the commission were: Nugzar Skhirtladze, Vato Berishvili, Tengiz Taktakishvili and Giorgi Natroshvili.

April 28: Nina Andriadze, Mikheil Nonikashvili, Nino Berishvili and Dara Ahmed.


The students successfully defended their theses before the commission.