Garry Jacobs's Lecture Course

6 December 2018

On December 4, American author, researcher, consultant in the field of management, economics, social developement and education, Director-General and Commettee Chairman of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Garry Jacobs, visited Caucasus University. In the frames of his visit, Dr. Jacobs will conduct a two-week lecture course for PhD students in Caucasus School of Business, called ‘Organizational Theory'.


The said lecture course will answer questions such as: what gives businesses, the society or an individual the ability to sustain a high level of dominance, growth and creativity? What's the difference between an effective machine and a live organisation? How do we correctly apply our inexhaustible energy towards the success and constant developement of an organization?


The course of ‘Organisation Theory' is fitted for students of different professions and experiences, who want to learn about organizational growth, main principles and processes of innovations and creativity, which will allow businesses to significantly enhance their results and opportunities.