Tengiz Verulava and Rozi Devnozashvili authored a research paper published in international referred Journal

17 November 2021

In the international peer-reviewed journal “Romanian Journal of Diabetes Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases was published the scientific paper „Nutrition and Academic Performance Among Adolescences Siriraj Medical Journal


The journal is indexed in the international scientific database of SCOPUS (Elsevier).


Authors of the paper are:

Tengiz Verulava, Doctor of Medicine, Professor at the School of Medicine and Health Management, Caucasus University;

Rozi Devnozashvili - Master, Caucasus University School of Medicine and Health Management, Caucasus University.

Verulava T, Devnozashvili R. Nutrition and Academic Performance Among Adolescences. Rom J Diabetes Nutr Metab Dis 2021;28(3):275-283. [Crossref] [Google Scholar]


Short description of the article:

Nutrition affects the mental development of students. Consequently, it correlates with their academic performance. The study aims to examine the connection between nutrition and academic performance of school students.  Quantitative cross-sectional research was conducted. The study showed reliable connection between eating habits and academic performance has been statistically confirmed. Obesity and overweight in adolescents is a significant problem. It is reasonable to undertake targeted interventions, develop and introduce students’ healthy eating manual, tailored to their needs and interests, that will be positively reflected in student academic achievement. Each member of school community (student, parent, pedagogue, school administration) shall realize the importance of nutrition in terms of students’ health and academic performance.


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